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Conference fees

Because of the decison to turn the PCMI in-person biennal conference into a virtual meeting, no registration fees are now asked to particpate to the meeting. However, registration is still mendatory. 

Registration procedure

Only online registration is available.

To register, connect first to your personal account by identifying yourself in the left-hand MY SPACE menu. If your are new to Sciencesconf.orgcreate an account and follow instructions.

Once connected, get to the Register page of the MY SPACE menu and complete the form.

Once registered, you will receive confirmation.

With the current Scienconf plateform, a complete overhaul of the registration procedure would delete already registered participants. As a consequence we ask you to fill out obsolete registration items (arrival date, museum visit, banquet dinner,...).

Thank you for registering to PCMI 2020 Le Havre. If you have any problem, please send an email to


No registration will be accepted after June 26th, 2020 


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