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Workshops > High-redshift galaxies chemistry

The organizing committee decided to resubmit their workshop propositions for the 2022 conference. See you there!

High-redshift galaxies chemistry

Workshop proposed by Patrice Theulé (LAM,, Yohann Scribano (, LUPM), and François Lique (, LOMC).

Atoms, molecules and dust have an important role in the cooling process of the ISM, which directly influences the condensation and fragmentation of clouds, the star formation rate and therefore the physical evolution of galaxies. In addition, through their emission lines atoms and molecules, such C+, CO, or HCN, are widely used as diagnostic probes of the physical conditions of the interstellar medium they inhabit. The growing number of observations in high-redshift galaxies allow us to trace back the cosmic evolution of the baryonic matter in the early Universe [1,2].

In this mini-symposium, we want (i.) to review the high-redshift observations presently available as well as the future observations thanks to new telescopes (JWST, SPICA, OST) or existing telescopes improved capabilities (ALMA, NOEMA, SPT), (ii.) to discuss the minimum gas-grain chemical network to address primordial and high-redshift chemistry, (iii.) to evaluate cosmic dust evolution models and physical properties.

During the mini-symposium, we expect to review the missing fundamental atomic, molecular or solid-state data, and discuss about collaborations between physicists/chemists and modellers that would allow to make the most of high-redshift galaxies spectroscopic observations. The symposium is expected to strengthen existing collaborations between molecular and surface physicists, chemists and astronomers.


[1] GALEX-SDSS-WISE Legacy Catalog (GSWLC): Star Formation Rates, Stellar Masses, and Dust Attenuations of 700,000 Low-redshift Galaxies, Salim, S., Lee, J.C., Janowiecki, S., da Cunha, E., Dickinson, M., Boquien, M., Burgarella, D., Salzer,J.J., Charlot, S., 2016, ApJS 227, 2

[2] The [CII] 158 μm line emission in high-redshift galaxies, Lagache G., Cousin M. & Chatzikos M., 2018, A&A (609), A130

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